Stranger Among Friends

I was a stranger among friends
A thorn in the way
Never felt more out of place
Than when expected to stay

I was a broken piece of mirror
Couldn’t see my own reflection
The fears that came to haunt me
Hid quickly behind a distraction

I was the supposed happy child
The one that got her way
Or did they just tell themselves that
So they could have their way?

I was an outsider looking in
Seeking a place to belong
Perhaps by searching too hard
Is how things got so wrong

I was an almost melted candle
Extinguishing the light as I floated
They expected me to rebuild myself
But alas;

I only,


Power (Of) Walking

Recently, my cousin (who lives 8 minutes away by walk) and I started a new early morning routine which much to our surprise has helped us in more ways than one.

Before I begin with how it has helped us, let me recount to you how exactly it goes about.

Each day my alarm goes off at the outrageous hour of 6:15 am, making me question why I thought setting it up was a good idea. I text/call my cousin to make sure she’s awake before going to get ready for a new day’s session.

We both leave our homes at the same time and meet at a middle ground which happens to be, well, a ground. From here we start our “power walking”, pushing ourselves to achieve the goal we set out prior to the walk. We try to keep the bantering between us to a minimum because not only does it waste energy we can’t afford to lose, it also slows us down.

My average speed for the past week has been 5 km/h while we covered a distance of 3.20 to 3.60 kilometres everyday. The duration of just our session is 30 minutes which excludes the time it takes for us to meet in the middle and coming back home.

I have been keeping track of my time, speed, distance, calories and countless other factors using Samsung Health – having a record keeps you on track while also giving you a sense of achievement. It also shows that on average, I burn 128-140 calories every morning.

Most people readily assume that the only purpose of doing any kind of workout is to lose weight. In my case, however, the purpose is to build a healthy stamina, avoid lazing around, and to stay active at all times.

Even though this is only the end of our second week, I have already started feeling much more brisk than ever before. This is how power walking has helped me:

1. I no longer get tired easily.
2. My body has started adapting to a more operative way of living.
3. A few minutes into the workout, I no longer have shortness of breath.
4. Being on my feet for too long doesn’t bother me as easily as it used to.
5. My water intake has increased;
6. Reducing my caffeine intake.
7. I burn excess calories.
8. My mood throughout the day (almost) stays positive.
9. While I’m walking, I sort through the things to do list in my head.
10. I can eat a second helping of chocolate cake without feeling guilty!

When I got ready and went downstairs today, my sister too was waiting to join us for the walk! 

In the upcoming week, I will try to maintain a new record with greater distance, faster speed and longer time. Wish me luck!

Five Greats

​”Any time you start feeling sorry for yourself or you go into a rant about how bad life sucks, you immediately have to name five greats.”

This is what Georgia tells Moses, in The Law of Moses

I thought this is a wonderful way of changing my perspective for at least a few moments, in order to remind myself how there are so many other countless blessings that make all the bad parts worthwhile.

So my five greats for today are:

1. Having people I can count on

2. Another month of summer break 

3. Chocolates (because, duh!)

4. Books, of course 

5. Swimming 

Anytime you feel low, try this out 🙂