Word Prompt

Ten years of marriage,

all were spent childless

Nine other families,

always looked down on her

Eight failed appointments,

at the doctor’s

Seven days everyday,

she prayed for a miracle

Six different advices,

from ‘with-child’ couples

Five times they wondered,

if it was enough

Four hundred tests,

all in vain

Three miscarriages,

Two hearts break

One buried baby;

Was all that remained.

You Told Me..

You told me you were fine

Yet your eyes told a different story

You told me you wanted to be alone

Yet your body twitched to be held

You told me everyone has problems 

Yet the lines on your face said something else

You told me you don’t care

Yet you stopped me from leaving

You told me to move on

Yet your heart chose to stay

You told me not to meddle

Yet my love for you said otherwise.