Word Prompt

Ten years of marriage,

all were spent childless

Nine other families,

always looked down on her

Eight failed appointments,

at the doctor’s

Seven days everyday,

she prayed for a miracle

Six different advices,

from ‘with-child’ couples

Five times they wondered,

if it was enough

Four hundred tests,

all in vain

Three miscarriages,

Two hearts break

One buried baby;

Was all that remained.

You Told Me..

You told me you were fine

Yet your eyes told a different story

You told me you wanted to be alone

Yet your body twitched to be held

You told me everyone has problems 

Yet the lines on your face said something else

You told me you don’t care

Yet you stopped me from leaving

You told me to move on

Yet your heart chose to stay

You told me not to meddle

Yet my love for you said otherwise. 

My Three Moments of Triumph

There are days when most of us (or at least I do) feel like we haven’t really acheived anything which is significant enough to someone else. It is important, on these days especially, that you remind yourself that no matter how mundane another person may think your achievement is; you should be the one feeling triumph over it. And that is all that matters.

For me, these have been my top 3 moments of triumph:

1. When I volunteered at The Indus Hospital and in the pediatrics ward the children’s faces lit up after I helped them blow balloons. We passed them around and played “catch catch” for some time.

2. In my second semester, I gave the final presentation on a topic assigned by our sociology professor. He later remarked that I had been one of the best presenters of the day and have what it takes to do great things in life. 

3. That time I made my first perfect cheese omelette without scrambling it even a tiny bit(!) This happened only recently (at the age of 19) but it filled me with glee nonetheless.

Feel free to share your triumph in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!