Five Greats

​”Any time you start feeling sorry for yourself or you go into a rant about how bad life sucks, you immediately have to name five greats.”

This is what Georgia tells Moses, in The Law of Moses

I thought this is a wonderful way of changing my perspective for at least a few moments, in order to remind myself how there are so many other countless blessings that make all the bad parts worthwhile.

So my five greats for today are:

1. Having people I can count on

2. Another month of summer break 

3. Chocolates (because, duh!)

4. Books, of course 

5. Swimming 

Anytime you feel low, try this out 🙂

The Question We All Ask

“Why me?”

This is a question we all have asked ourselves at some point in our lives; or at the very least have thought it.

“Why do I have to do the dishes?”

“Why does my work keep getting rejected?”

“Why do have to drive my brother to school?”

“Why am the outcast among my friends?”

“Why do have such unruly hair?”

These are ordinary thoughts that often float in my mind while going about my ordinary day, doing ordinary chores, in my ordinary life. When I read these questions over here, however, I kind of feel ashamed. While the world experiences thousands of tragedies every single day, here I am worrying about the most mundane things.

This in no way implies that one person’s problems are more troubling than another’s and vice versa. It just means that when thoughts like these do come in our mind, it is imperative we realize how blessed we are to be worrying about things like the cake you forgot to take out of the oven. Be grateful for the little things, take out time to be appreciative, and never take anything for granted.

You have to do the dishes? Be grateful you have the sources to use clean utensils every night, that you are physically capable of doing this task.

Your work does not get approved? You are getting an opportunity that most people only dream about. Each time you fail, you are one step closer to getting it right.

Have to drive your brother to school? Your parents are putting their faith in you, trusting you with their child. You get to bond with your sibling, creating a relationship that you may always cherish.

An outcast among your friends? That just means you are unique in your own way. You are a breath of fresh air, cut out differently and those who do take the time to know you are the only ones worthy of your love.

Having another bad-hair-day? Appreciate the fact that you do have hair about which you get to worry. And let’s face it – discussing hair problems is a surefire way to make a fast acquaintance!

I know it’s easier to say (or write) things than to actually act on them, but let’s at least try.

Let’s turn our ‘why me?’ to ‘why not me?’

Weekly Photo Challenge: DELTA

Little chirping sounds took me outside of the house early morning. Sitting peacefully on an Epipremnum aureum (money plant), I discovered a perfectly built nest with recently hatched baby birds.

Usually it takes around 10 days for the birds to flee their nest, which means this is just the beginning of their journey; where ever it may be.

Best of luck little birdies. The world awaits you.

Cloudy With A Hope for Joy

For the past few days, Karachi sky more often than not is covered with thick and dark clouds. Everyone is anxiously waiting for the arrival of rain which seems content in keeping the Karachiites in humid air for now.

Karachi Sky at 1700 hours

Every few hours, the skies clear; leaving no sign of clouds at all. Just like everything else in life, the weather too is continuously changing.

This Father’s Day

Dear Baba,

I know I’m not the kind of person who is able to express my emotions really well and so I’m writing you this letter instead. This may make me a coward but at least I will be able to get it off my chest.

I don’t know if you realize this, but I do. Our relationship is way different than the relationship between you and my siblings. We don’t just sit and talk like you do with my eldest sister, nor do we discuss my day like you do with my brother. You don’t pick up little reasons to tease me or goad me into an argument like you do with baji (sister), nor do you ask someone else to do a chore originally assigned to me like you do with behn (sister). 

Our relationship consists of me handing you the tools you need when you’re building back your car, giving you your medicine, or going through those 40 minutes long journey when you are dropping me off at university – with none of us ever saying a single word to each other. 

Saying that my dad doesn’t love me sounds like something straight out of a drama. And I get that in your own way perhaps you do love me. Maybe you are unable to express your feelings as well or maybe this is just my wishful thinking. I just wish there was a way you could somehow show that you do care about me. Tell me that you are proud of me. Tell me that you see how much I have improved in my academics. Tell me you are happy with the field I have chosen. Tell me I can do it. Teach me how to drive. Give me advice. Ask me questions. Show interest in my life. Motivate me. Hug me. Love me.

Happy Father’s day.


Your Beti.