Weekly Photo Challenge: DELTA

Little chirping sounds took me outside of the house early morning. Sitting peacefully on an Epipremnum aureum (money plant), I discovered a perfectly built nest with recently hatched baby birds.

Usually it takes around 10 days for the birds to flee their nest, which means this is just the beginning of their journey; where ever it may be.

Best of luck little birdies. The world awaits you.


Cloudy With A Hope for Joy

For the past few days, Karachi sky more often than not is covered with thick and dark clouds. Everyone is anxiously waiting for the arrival of rain which seems content in keeping the Karachiites in humid air for now.

Karachi Sky at 1700 hours

Every few hours, the skies clear; leaving no sign of clouds at all. Just like everything else in life, the weather too is continuously changing. 


The Miracle of Ramadan 

​A week before Ramadan started, the weather of Karachi was so hot you could have fried eggs on the sidewalk. The temperature ranged from 35°C to 46°C with increased humidity level and little to no chances of precipitation. Due to this, several Karachiites (including me) started worrying about how fasting during this kind of weather will become possible.

Despite these concerns, Ramadan was welcomed with open arms and with the same zeal as every year. The sun remained stubborn, shining in all its glory and continuing to cast its heat wave on all of Karachi.

For me, the beginning was the toughest. Since it was only the first week, my body had been out of practice from abstaining food and drink. The week also included some of the hottest days of the month which only made fasting more challenging. However, soon after that the temperature in Karachi gradually started going down and my body too started adapting to the new routine.

Tomorrow will be the 19th of Ramadan in Karachi and I still find that hard to believe. It seems like only yesterday I was worried about having to fast in the sizzling heat, and yet here I am now, just around the corner from welcoming the last ten days of this blessed month.

It is nothing short of a miracle how easily I was able to breeze through my fasting days without any issues – medical or otherwise. Perhaps this is how Ramadan strengthens our faith. Not only does it create a sense of togetherness among Musims, it also makes everyday tasks during fasts seem almost effortless.

I wish all of you countless blessings in this holy month of Ramadan.